On the road to Emmaus

The Disciples had walked with Jesus, during the three years of His ministry. They had just listened to the story of the two Disciples who walked with the risen Christ, on the road to Emmaus. One would think, they would be expecting, hoping, Jesus would also come to them. No, instead, they are terrified at His appearance and think that He is a ghost. Now to me that is amazing!

But then I stop and think. Maybe it is not so amazing after all. Rather than being too harsh on the Disciples, I recall the many times I have reacted to life’s uninvited surprises, in a similar way. In stead of holding onto the anchor of my faith, I sometimes allow cataracts to grow on my heart, creating a foggy vision of doubt and anxiety. This murkiness within is a kind of barrier, preventing the eyes of my heart, from recognizing the risen Christ right there beside me. During these times, Jesus waits to speak the same words He spoke to the Disciples: “Peace be with you. Why are you troubled? Why do questions arise in your hearts?”

When I miss the presence of the risen Christ – in others or in what is happening around me – Christ comes to me in the quite of my heart and assures me that He is near. “Do not be troubled. Be at peace. Trust me. Reach out and touch me. I am real. Let My loving presence nourish you. Relax and be at peace.” Unclouded by fear and doubt, I finally get it- and I am amazed and incredulous with joy!

Hear our prayer, O Lord: bless, protect and sanctify all those who bow their heads before You.

Blessings to all.

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