Life is our Northstar

Life is our North star, on our Lenten journey from ashes to Easter. But the life we are to choose is not physical vitality. We are not genuinely alive, in the biblical sense, by raising our standard of living and lowering our cholesterol count. To choose life, rather, means to love God, to obey God, and to be faithful to God. Lent gives us the opportunity to strengthen our practice of piety, obedience, and fidelity.

Piety is not is not the pretentious display of religious fervor. Piety is the central energy of prayer: paying attention to God. We need to ta time to pray. When we pray, we express our love for God and open ourselves to the movements of God.

Obedience to God requires discernment. Listening is key. Attention must be paid. Listen to what is stirring around you and moving within you. The murmurings of the heart may be messages from God. Listen and be still -ask the question of yourself – “What is of God, in this.”

Fidelity anchors us in God. It helps us know from whom we have received all things. With the psalmist, fidelity inspires us to ask, “How can I repay the Lord for all that He has done for me?” We are asked to give as gift what you received as gift – God’s love and forgiveness.

Throughout this Lenten journey, we are the authority of our own Calvary. Some of our crosses keep us from being alive. By crucifying our self-interests, by taking time to listen to our heart’s murmurings in prayer, and by using our gifts well, we can rise at Easter, to the life that is in communion with God.

Hear our prayer, O Lord: bless, protect and sanctify all those who bow their heads before You.

Blessings to all. M +

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